Sunday, February 27, 2011

Good Things to Come

Today we were driving to go and visit someone who lived near our church. On the way we saw a couple of people we are teaching walking up the road. I didn't think much of it, then as we kept driving we saw their truck parked on the side of the road. It then clicked in my mind that maybe they needed help. So we drove to their house and asked them if they needed anything. They mentioned that their car ran out of gas. So we went with him to his car and he put a little bit of gas into it. It started right up, we gave him a few bucks so he could get some gas, and went on our way.

It reminded me of this mormon messages video:

This family that we have been teaching has been going through some tough times lately as well. They have been down on their luck in a few things. They have found peace and joy in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It has given them the hope to not give up.

We have all had times in life where things just don't go our way, we must always remember that if we follow Jesus Christ there are good things to come. They may not even come in this life, sometimes it will be the life to come that we will experience these good things. But eventually they will come.


  1. Only through the Gospel of Jesus Christ where we can find true joy and happiness. Nice post!

  2. Good things to come indeed.. and remember that if things don't go our way, usually its because something better is about to come! :)