Monday, February 7, 2011

Be ye not weary in well doing

   Today my thoughts will be brief.   We played basketball today, and it was the first time I have done so in about 2 weeks.  The whole time I was feeling fatigued, and tired.  Afterwards, I was exceedingly tired and sore.

     Sometimes we feel this way in life, we may feel too tired to do the right thing, we want to lower our standards at times because it is too hard to live a Christlike life.  We let opportunities to serve and help people slip by because we are "weary."  When I feel this way I think of what the apostle Paul counseled us to "be not weary in well doing." (2 thes. 3:13)  There are times in our life that we feel tired.  It is in these times that our true character shows.  Will we make the right decision or not, will we reach out to those who need our help or not.  Will we keep the commandments or not.


       I know that Christ can give us strength.  Paul once again said "I can do all things in Christ which strengtheneth me." (Phill. 4:13)  As we put our trust in Christ, we will have strength to push forward in the times when we feel tired in our lives.


  1. It is easy to get sloppy and not care when we get tired or take our eye from the goal, but we can't do that. Great post and reminder Elder Bevan!

  2. this is indeed a great post Elder Bevan! even when the tough times come, we can do all things through christ that strengthens us!