Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Alex Boye

We all come from different backrounds, different experiences and different lives. But no matter who we are and where we were at one point, the Gospel of Jesus Christ is for us. Everyone in the world can find greater peace and happiness by living the Gospel. Alex Boye is one of my favorite examples of this, as he has embraced the gospel he has found true happiness. He is now one of my favorite singers.


  1. I love alex Boye too! he has such an amazing voice! way better than that little girl you love to listen to! haha :)

  2. my Boy Alex! he's the man! and more importantly, he's the man because he rose from the ashes. Like He sings in "Anything Impossible"

    Sometimes I sit and wonder, where would I be?
    So close to givin' up, till you changed my destiny

    We don't have to be victim to our circumstances! Christ gives us power to change!