Friday, January 21, 2011

Two prayers come together

     Today we saw a miracle of the Lord which came to us because someone prayed earnestly seeking to find truth in their life.


    It all started early this morning when me and my companion, Elder Harper, said a prayer before we set out for the day. We prayed and asked our Father in Heaven to "lead us this day to someone who is being prepared to receive the Gospel."  Then we set apart for our day.  We tried to visit some people, but we had no success.  Then we decided to visit someone quite a bit away from where we were.  Usually we would have driven to save time, because we had many people to see that afternoon, but being blessed with beautiful 70 degree weather in the middle of January, we decided to walk all the way to the house and talk to people along the way.  It took us about 40 minutes to walk to the home and when we got there no one was home.  So disappointed we started the long walk back. 


      Between walking we talked to about 15 people I'd say.  Then just within about 30 seconds from our car up pulls this lady into a driveway in front of us.  When she got out of the car we started talking to her.  We told her we were missionaries from the LDS church and had a message of peace about the Savior Jesus Christ.  We then went on to testify of the Restoration of the Gospel.  When we told her a little about our message she said "you know it is weird that you are here."  we asked "why is that?" she said, "I am a spiritual person and I have been looking for a path in life, and this morning I prayed and asked god to send me a path and help me know what to do."  I then went on to tell her about our morning prayer.  We knew then it was no coincidence that we both met this day.  She invited us to come back and share more about the message.

     I know that there is no such thing as coincidence, just moments where god remains unrevealed.  He will lead the honest seeker to truth.  I know that God answers prayers, today he answered two of them!


  1. I know that prayers are answered as well! sometimes not in the way we are expecting! but always for our benefit! great blog Elder Bevan! congrats on finding her!

  2. I have a testimony of power of prayer. Our Heavenly Father has so much love for all of His children. He knows what we want and need, but sometimes we don't think about asking Him for those things. Although, He is probably already willing to grant us those things, but they are dependant on our asking for them. I know He hears us. Great post Elder, I am anxious to see what will happen.